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Emergency Electrician Swansea

Emergency Electrician Swansea

If your electrics are in need of urgent attention call our 24/7 call out emergency electrician on 0844 357 5447.

Based in Swansea and servicing the South Wales area, our electrician will be with you quickly to solve any electrical problems you might have.

What should I do if I have no power?

Firstly you should check all of your circuit breakers and RCD(s) that they are all switched on, try switching them off and back on.

What if they are all switched on?

You need to check there is power coming into your property, on a newer electricity meter this is more obvious as the display will be lit up if power is present, if not then you need to contact your electricity suplier.

My RCD won’t switch back on?

Firstly you should try switching all of the circuit breakers off and try resetting the RCD. If it still does not reset then try isolating the power coming into the RCD, if the RCD does not reset then the RCD may be faulty. 

If the RCD resets when all circuit breakers are switched off then switch them back on, when the RCD trips this will show you what circuit has a fault. It is worth unplugging all of your appliances and trying to reset your RCD.

I’ve done all of this, and it’s still not working?

If none of the above have worked, then it’s time to give our emergency electrical service a call on 0844 357 5447. One of our qualified electricians will take your call, and arrange to get to you to sort your electrical emergency as soon as possible.